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Since you have found in this tab, you have certainly become interested in the history of our brand. So, at this point, let’s take a closer look at the Uone brand calendar, and it all started in a year
when, after long deliberations in the group of the closest associates of AT Road sp. z o. o. – the owner of the brand, we came up with our brand name. How did you come to that? Well, there were quite a few versions of the brand names under discussion, although the idea was short, concise and to the point. We are a Polish brand, hence the reference in our name to Ulan, a well-known military formation in our country. So, if anyone still has doubts about how to read our name, the first element of the name “U” that is most often underlined is to be read in Polish, the rest in English. This name is intended to help in future expansion into foreign markets.

In 2016, we also produced the first versions of our boards, which were a premiere product under the Uone brand. These were the compact, classic, comfort and gigantic models.
In 2017, we have already started “mass” production of sup boards under the Uone brand, disrupting 4 of the above-mentioned models, which successfully passed the testing phase. The scale of production differed significantly from the present one, although Rome was not built in a day and we walked with small steps towards the light in the tunnel, which often only we saw.

2017 was also marked by the first contacts, sales and tests of our boards, which took place during our stays in reputable places, with which we cooperate from the very beginning to this day, for which we would like to thank you.
At the beginning of 2018, we conducted the first tests of judo suits, which hardly anyone knows, although the quality of the suits did not meet our expectations and we had to postpone the introduction of another product for a further period.

2018 was also marked by the improvement and refinement of our boards, in which we introduced:
  • plastic nose in the compact model, enabling the aerodynamic work of the board on water,
  • socket for mounting a windsurfing sail in the classic model,
We also tested the first versions of the still not very successful budget boards, although what is delayed will not run away …

In 2018, we also produced our first inflatable water slide, which for several years was successfully used at marketing events and undoubtedly contributed to the development of the Uone brand.

At the end of 2018, we also successfully completed the testing phase of judo uniforms and produced the first trial large part of judogi that came to us in the year
which was a record year in terms of new products introduced, revenues, sales, contacts made … but maybe let’s go back to the beginning.

In the spring, we established and refreshed our contacts in the judo world, preparing for the autumn expansion on this market, aimed at introducing another, mass party of Our Judogi. 2019 was also marked by water parks, successfully introduced and sold to 8 locations across the country! This year, we also significantly refreshed the offer of our sup boards, introducing a new yellow color, which included 4 models (Viper, Versatile, Wanderer and Windsurf). In 2019, under the Uone brand, we also launched to the market hybrid RIB boats. It was undoubtedly the year of the greatest successes in our short history and we entered the new year with optimism.
The first quarter of this year was marked by strengthening the position on the sports equipment market, including: sup boards, judo suits, inflatable waterparks, and rib boats. In 2020, we also sold the first bumper balls, and inflatable ground water slides, as well as skimboarding tracks. At the beginning of this year, we also decided to build a completely new website with an online store where you are currently located and where you can successfully purchase all products marked with the Uone logo, to which we cordially invite you …

To be continued 🙂
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